Himalayan Gruyere Cheese (200gms)
Inspired by the Swiss Gruyere, this cheese boasts a sweet nutty flavor that gets stronger and complex when aged longer - between 6 to 8 months.  No chemicals. No preservatives. No fillers. 
Rs. 410.00
Chilli Bomb Cheese (200 gms)
Taking their Zarai recipe one step further, team Darima developed a flavour well loved for its chilli kick. Using special red chillis from Rajasthan, known for their fragrance and flavour this rarely disappoints those who like their food piccante. No...
Rs. 410.00
Himalayan Gouda Cheese (200gms)
The younger cheeses have a mild flavour and soft texture, the older Gouda becomes harder, dryer and has a nutty flavour. No chemicals, No preservatives. No fillers. 
Rs. 410.00
Himalayan Farmhouse Cheddar (200gms)
Farmhouse Cheddar is a cheese which has not undergone the ‘cheddaring’ process and is not aged for very long and as a result has a mild cheddar flavour. No chemicals. No Preservatives. No fillings.
Rs. 410.00
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