Organic Multiflora Honey (500ml)
A honey from the tops of Himalayas and nectar from many different flowers! The sugars in honey are sweeter and give more energy than artificial sweeteners. FIO tips: Mix honey into yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal for a more natural sweetener.Storage...
Rs. 380.00
Organic Jaggery Powder (500 gms)
An unrefined sugar product and a powdered form of Jaggery block. Also known as "non-centrifugal sugar". FIO tips: Eating jaggery or jaggery powder after meal helps in digestion and boosts immunity.Storage Tip: Store in cool, dry place. Sealed!
Rs. 81.00
Organic Sulphurless Sugar
Rs. 75.00
Organic Sulphurless Sugar
Sulphur-free sugar is cleaned by a natural process instead of sulphur infusion. Sulphurless sugar excludes all the disadvantages of refined sugar with maintaining the sweetness & goodness as natural sugar!  FIO Tip: Make any dessert(cupcakes, gnocchi,etc) and slightly roll them in...
Rs. 75.00
Organic Jaggery Block (500 gms)
Jaggery is a concentrated product of cane juice, date or palm sap!A staple in Indian households not just for religious reasons but also due to its benefits over refined sugar! FIO tips: Make 'Gur Ki Kheer', a sweet dish made with...
Rs. 86.00
Organic Coconut Sugar (150gms)
Vegan, Naturally gluten-free, Low GI Options available: 350grams or 150grams jar Premium Coconut Sugar made from 100% pure coconut flower nectar Tastes like caramel, not coconuts Coconut sugar is lower in fructose than cane sugar, agave, and maple syrup. And...
Rs. 295.00
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