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In today’s thriving food ecosystem, one of the most loosely used words is ‘organic’ which is exactly why Fresh India aims to redefine what you know about organic fruits and vegetable. Our first step in this direction is making premium, high-quality produce available to you. By doing so, you will finally have the opportunity to draw your own inferences about why organic food is superior to its chemically generated cousins.

Fresh India Organics has been founded by two young entrepreneurs who share a desire to impact the organic food ecosystem as a whole – from the environment to the farmers to you, the end consumers. The role of distribution in this process holds substantial importance and by tackling issues at this level, we have been able to put in place a compelling win-win proposition.

“ A bit about the men responsible for incepting Fresh India Organics”

Siddharth Sanghai: Co-Founder
After doing his Masters in Marketing from Kings College in London, Siddharth found himself travelling across India- from Kerala to Punjab to Madhya Pradesh to do research on Indian agricultural practices. Through this journey he immediately identified his calling- organic farming. With a range of experiences and knowledge under his belt, Siddharth decided to start Fresh India Organics in his hometown Mumbai- which he hopes to expand into other cities in the future. When Siddharth isn’t in the office coordinating with farmers, restaurants and his team members, you will find him on the football pitch making some sublime passes. With a heap of experiences in this field, Siddharth can answer any of your questions or doubts about the organic movement.

Devdut Dalal: Co-Founder
Devdut graduated with a BA in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, during which he understood the importance of a balanced ecology, sustainable development and the inherent importance of food and water security. As the manager of sustainability at his family’s company - Devdut has had the opportunity to extensively learn about and interact with farming communities across Maharashtra. Having understood the multitude of problems, and witnessed them first hand, the upliftment of farmer welfare has been a key goal for Fresh India Organics and for Devdut personally. At Fresh India Organic, Devdut is a power bank of resources, who within one discussion is sure to convince you to go organic. When he isn’t globetrotting around the world, just like Siddharth you will see him invest his time into watching (and playing) some football!

Fresh India Organics’ offerings are based on the team’s recognition of a few key problems that currently impede potential customers’ ability to consume cleaner, healthier produce:

1. Accessibility
2. Awareness
3. Affordability

By addressing these pivotal issues, we have been able to create the kind of ecosystem that provides our customers with a reliable product that is financially sustainable for everyday consumption, and easily available.

Simply put, Fresh India Organics is the only way to ensure that you sacrifice neither the quality of your food nor the money in your wallet!

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