Why Should You Go Organic?

The organic space is growing at an exponential rate, but yet a lot of people still do not understand why they should eat organic, and how it’s different from the regular produce they consume. The term ‘organic’ refers to anything that is grown or made without the use of any chemicals or pesticides; that is it’s grown completely naturally. 

Why should you consume organic produce over your conventional produce? Here’s the three main reasons: 

Because you value flavour. 

There is a strong opinion in the organic community that champions this fact: Organic food is grown for taste and not for appearance. At Fresh India Organics, we also believe that beauty lies within and ugly is good! Organic soil is better nourished and better balanced than conventional soil- which is infused with pesticides and chemicals, and thus organic soil makes for healthier and stronger plants that produce better quality produce. Organically grown food also contains higher levels of antioxidants than conventionally grown food that makes it taste  more fresh.

Because you value your health.

 Organic foods have higher antioxidants and nutrients- vitamins, enzymes, micronutrients and minerals than their conventionally grown counterparts. First hand account and testimonies from our customers who have previously reported allergies to food, chemicals and preservatives have confirmed that their symptoms lessen or in some cases even reduce completely when they eat only organic food. Several studies reveal that organically grown foods provide: 21.1% more iron; 27% more vitamin C;  29.3% more magnesium; 13.6% more phosphorus (than their conventional counterparts).

Because you value the environment.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are destroying our soil health and contaminating our ground water table beyond repair. Insects and animals that feed on conventionally grown plants then in turn become agents of poisonous elements that are passed along in the food chain. Genetically modified food has repercussions that are beyond our understanding at this point. The only solution to all of these issues is : Organic farming. 

Organic farming practices are in perfect harmony with nature. They make use of beneficial practices such as intercropping and plant rotation that preserve soil health. Also, providing organic food supplements to animals prevents harmful antibiotics, growth hormones and drugs from being passed on in the food chain and organic farming does not allow the use of toxic substances that could remotely damage soil water content or the ecosystem at large.

 Organic Papayas Growing on Our Farm in Nashik 

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