American Sweet Corn (Bhutta)
Organic American Sweet Corn is usually considered a vegetable but it is actually a grain. Storage Tip: For optimum flavor and sweetness, refrigerate ears as soon as you get them. If you're not going to use them for a few...
from Rs. 70.00
Avocado Gift Box
Gift your loved one's something healthy, popular and delicious! 4 premium Hass avocados packed in a box. Greeting card included.
Rs. 1,600.00
Blackberries (Naturally Grown) (Imported)
Blackberries, are made up of 20-50 single seeds known as drupelets that are small, juice-filled and a deep purplish black. These juice-filled drops are sweet, delicious and super healthy! Storage Tip: First remove your blueberries from the container, and store in a...
Rs. 640.00
Blueberries (Naturally Grown) (Imported)
Blueberries, small sized delights bursting with a sweet and tangy flavor! Storage Tip: First remove your blueberries from the container, and store in a bowl. Do NOT wash them immediately- only do so before you're ready to consume them. Ordering...
Rs. 400.00
Chilli Bomb Cheese (200 gms)
Taking their Zarai recipe one step further, team Darima developed a flavour well loved for its chilli kick. Using special red chillis from Rajasthan, known for their fragrance and flavour this rarely disappoints those who like their food piccante. No...
Rs. 410.00
Himalayan Farmhouse Cheddar (200gms)
Farmhouse Cheddar is a cheese which has not undergone the ‘cheddaring’ process and is not aged for very long and as a result has a mild cheddar flavour. No chemicals. No Preservatives. No fillings.
Rs. 410.00
Himalayan Gouda Cheese (200gms)
The younger cheeses have a mild flavour and soft texture, the older Gouda becomes harder, dryer and has a nutty flavour. No chemicals, No preservatives. No fillers. 
Rs. 410.00
Himalayan Gruyere Cheese (200gms)
Inspired by the Swiss Gruyere, this cheese boasts a sweet nutty flavor that gets stronger and complex when aged longer - between 6 to 8 months.  No chemicals. No preservatives. No fillers. 
Rs. 410.00
Organic Almonds (250gms)
Buy Organic Almonds Online
Rs. 500.00
Organic Amla
Translated from Sanskrit word ‘Amlaki’ meaning “nectar of life”. Also known as the Indian gooseberry, Amla is the superfood everyone must have in their pantry! Best when: It may be eaten sliced or diced, and it can also be used...
from Rs. 110.00
Organic Apple
An apple a day keeps a doctor away, so order your apples right away!  Storage Tip: If you are planning to consume these in 2-3 days, store in the open, otherwise store them in the fridge Ordering Tip: 1 kg...
from Rs. 150.00
Organic Arbi/ Colocasia
Taro root in English, Arbi in Hindi. Arbi is a starchy edible tuber that is high in fiber and has slightly fewer calories than the potato but is still just as filling! Storage Tip: Store them in the open at...
from Rs. 64.00
Organic Asparagus (Indian)
Asparagus, long and thin stalks full of nutrients and deliciousness! Storage Tip: Wash asparagus and trim the ends about an inch. Place the spears in a glass jar, cut ends down. Fill the jar with about 1 inch of water....
from Rs. 200.00
Organic Avocado/Avacado (Hass) (Imported)
Fondly known as 'butter fruit', Avocado is on almost every millennial's shopping list. Versatile & delicious- this fruit can be used for all meals in the day!  Storage Tip: Store it in a brown paper bag and place it next...
from Rs. 250.00
Organic Avocado/Avacado (Indian)
Organic Avocados, fondly known as 'butter fruit', is on almost every millennial's shopping list, and with good reason! Full of healthy fats, this fruit is super filling and delicious at the same time. Storage Tip: Store it in a brown paper...
from Rs. 155.00
Sold Out
Organic Baby Bella Mushroom
Buy Organic Baby Bella Mushroom
Rs. 94.00
Organic Baby Potato
Organic baby potatoes are simply the baby version of any potato a farmer grows. Perfect for a party snack! Storage Tip: The best way to store is to allow free circulation of air, so store them in the open or...
from Rs. 40.00
Organic Basil
Organic Basil is one of the oldest known herbs to mankind. Popular as a food seasoning, this is one of Team FIO’s favorites! Storage Tip: Trim the stems and place them in a jar of water. Loosely cover the leaves...
from Rs. 55.00
Organic Beetroot
Beetroot, one of the best veggies you can eat for health! It  is an excellent source of iron and is great for maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels. Storage Tip: Keep them unwashed in the fridge Ordering Tip:  Approx 4-5 pieces per...
from Rs. 21.00
Organic Bitter Gourd/ Karela
Farm Location: Nashik, Junnar (Pune) NOTE: Minimum order value for South Mumbai is Rs 750 + Rs 50 delivery charge and minimum order for suburbs in Mumbai is Rs 1000 + Rs 100 delivery charge.
from Rs. 55.00
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